Revival Is Coming
I believe we are alive at a great time in history. There is a revival coming that will be different than others. In America we had the First Great Awakening. In its own way it united our country. In the 1700’s the great “Dramatist” George Whitefield made his way through the colonies. He preached revival after revival up and down the Atlantic coast. Over the years people had drifted away from God and George Whitefield was sent by God to call them to repentance. Without realizing it Whitefield helped these fragmented people see themselves as one nation under God.

The Second Great Awakening had many revivals. It started at the very beginning of the 19th century. Apathy towards God had set in and our nation needed a move of God. Possibly the most notable revival was the Cane Ridge Revival. As many as thirty thousand people attended and many denominations and races were represented. I have had the pleasure of going to Cane Ridge. As you walk around you can get the feeling that something really special happened in that place. Ironically in the few hours I was there people from other denominations toured the premises. I asked a historian why so many people felt such a kinship to Cane Ridge. He said “Many see it as the birth of their movement”. You see, their organizations already had their names. Cane Ridge is where God breathed on them and gave them life. Some believe The Second Great Awakening has never stopped.

From April 14th 1906 until sometime in 1915 the Azusa Street Revival changed the world. People witnessed on a sustained level the power of God. Healings, the gift of tongues, and all sorts of miracles were all in operation. Blacks and whites mingled together and shared in the presence of God. At the time, Jim Crow laws were alive and well out in the south. In California a Black man William J. Seymour, was conducting a revival. People did not care about his color. What they did care about was Who he was connected to. The Azusa Street Revival is the birth of modern Pentecostalism. So many movements owe their roots to this revival.

Unfortunately even with so many great men of God living today the world has slipped again. People don’t care about the Lord. They do not respect the boundaries of right and wrong. This time we have done it with spiritual giants in our midst. War has been declared on the church like never before. For years many great prophets have been warning us that this war is coming. They have also been telling us that victory is assured. So listen to me carefully as I explain the next outpouring. Its not going to look familiar so even spirit filled Christians might miss it if they’re too religious. If your staring at the pulpit your looking in the wrong place. The revival might get sparked there but not sustained.

The church is being shunned by the world. We have been silent on too many issues for too long. We are not relevant to them. Frankly we are in the way as they see things. The world does not understand – we are the glue holding things together. Our prayers keep the devil from taking over the planet. They need us to go to get them. Even in crisis people may not realize we are the ones hanging out with The Answer. They need a demonstration of God’s power to get their attention. Then they need Holy Spirit guided words that will pierce their hearts. What will be the manifestations? Demons are going to get cast out in the grocery stores. People are going to get out of wheel chairs in malls. Hospital wings will be emptied. Funerals are going to be stopped. God’s going to use prayed up bold vessels right among everyday situations.

Let me close this with a little logic. There is no way the Lord Jesus is coming back for an anemic church. He is coming back for a powerful victorious devil stomping church. You may be like me, been going through Hell. That’s cause Jesus is getting more Heaven in you. We are about to go to war and our weapons are not carnal. We’re about to power up, flame on, get ready to rumble. People are going to get set free because of the unstoppable force ever growing in us. Not because someone saw us walk out of a church but because the church is in us people. Everyone will be able to tell we have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

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  1. brenda brown

    July 3rd, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    I totally agree with you, this is very true and I am so glad you put this on your site because most successful person such as yourself often forget about God, well not forget about him, but they don’t tell how good God is or to just follow Jesus the man that was beaten, bled,and died for us.It often seems when they hit a bad point in their career they for get who brought them there, and if they pray he will keep on blessing them.
    thanks bb

  2. July 6th, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Brenda, thanks so much for your kind words. I believe the body of Christ still has many great brave leaders. I believe there are great men and women of God for us to follow. I do believe that number is diminishing. Politically correct has created a shift in some areas of right and wrong. The bottom line is that when compromise occurs so does the quenching of God’s Spirit. Revival comes where God feels welcome. The Holy Spirit does not feel welcome when man has determined what is sin and what is not. He does not feel welcome when people fear the crowds opinion more than they love Him. Brenda, I’ve seen people get out of wheelchairs, cancers healed, and demons flee. Every drop of anointing I have came with a price. My main purpose in life is to not be a lone ranger. The more of us there are exhibiting God’s power (Ephesians 3:10) the more God final work will be a success.

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