I have made a lot of videos to express my ideas. I have made many podcasts to express my ideas. What I have not done much of is blogging. My passion is writing so I’m not sure what the hold up has been. I guess I was waiting for the right moment or cause.

What I wish to discuss at this moment is something that is getting under my skin. It seems to me that the church has forgotten its place. Everyone in God’s family, or that might join His family should be treated the same.

Some of what I’m about to say you can see in my video, “Bam: I’m Looking For A Church Home. What I’m talking about is a series of experiences I’ve had when I didn’t have on my preacher garb. Anyway, I rode my Harley to church. I had on my leathers, and if I must say I was looking the part. My sleeves were rolled up, as my wife wishes, revealing the tats on both of my arms. The tats actually have a Christian message in pretty vibrant colors. I have absolutely none of the traditional green in my tats. In other words when you see them the message is clear. I had on leather chaps, a leather scarf, leather Harley boots, a leather jacket, and leather gloves strapped to my belt loop. My biker glasses were on top of my head, with my jacket off my shirt revealed a prayer for all bikers.

If you have ever been on a bike you will understand the mood I was in after having had the wind caress my face only moments before. All I did was attempt to go to the bathroom. I was stopped by an usher and told “You need to take that to the other side.” I was wondering, take what, my urine? He stated there were kids in the direction I was heading. That’s cool cause I like kids. I in fact have four. You see the issue is when I visited this church the week before, I was shown the same bathroom by an usher. Oh, but I had on my preacher garb/dressed up clothes the week prior.

I have to be honest my flesh was boiling. My flesh said, “Give that man a piece of your mind.” Jackie, said the flesh, “You have three college degrees. You have served as a missionary. You have pastored for thirteen years, and people all around the country know you. This yahoo has no idea who he is talking to.” That wouldn’t have solved anything.

I have certain rules about riding my bike. Angry is a no, no. I failed that day. You see I felt rejected by someone who was supposed to be my brother. Why did he do this to me? Upon further investigation I found out this church makes any homeless that visit sit in a specific section. One of my friends was told that there are young women in the church. They did not want him sitting next to them and bothering them. He was guilty of carrying a backpack. A backpack, I assume, is a dead giveaway that you should be banished to the homeless section. It also means if you are perceived to be homeless, you have lust issues.

Now while I know as an evangelist, every church is not like this, I know this church is far from standing alone. As a pastor I worked hard to ensure my congregants accepted whomever walked through our doors. I even once disguised myself to test the spiritual temperature of my church. I’m proud after all my teaching, my people past the test. This opened the door to minister to prostitutes, homeless, addicts, unwed teen mothers, and gangbangers. One Sunday I was preaching about acceptance not knowing a prostitute was in the audience. She made Jesus the Lord of her life that day.

For sure there should be precautions taken to ensure the safety of those who attend any church. However, creating an environment that treats one group of people different from others is a violation of scripture. I offer the following verses to help you understand my point. Matthew 25:31-46, Luke 14:12-23, Matthew 9:10-12, James 2:2-4, 15-16

If your church is guilty of ostracizing people, you must understand you are wounding folks. I can and have bounced back from my incidents of neglect. Many people walk through the door of a church giving God one shot at their hearts. As one of the kids in the house, don’t be a spoiled little brat, thinking you know what kind of guests are welcome in your Father’s house. The answer is everyone. Not just the deep pockets you want to sit in the best seats.

Read this article if you want to see what real Christianity looks like.

I’m Pastor Jackie Jackson
Luke 12:32b It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

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