THOUGHTS FROMA JACKIE: “Then & Now- Living Idol Free”

THOUGHTS FROMA JACKIE: “Then & Now- Living Idol Free”

It is easy to say if I lived back then, I would have never done such a thing. You know what, I hope you & I would not have. The question isn’t really what we would have done then. The question is what we do now. Instead of trusting God do we look for other sources to solve our problems. You see the folks David is talking about here were blessed to see many miracles. God had proven Himself to them many times. The ten plagues proved God’s superiority over Egypt’s chief God’s. I’ll do a study on that at some point. So why did Israel choose a false god over the real thing. They did not trust God. They wanted a visual symbol that they could hang their faith on. Many times we choose other methods outside of God’s prescribed way to solve problems. The ways we choose are our modern day idols. This can be something like trusting the word of a psychic, holding back our tithe because of fear, seeing our job as our source of supply, putting a person before God, telling lies on applications, and perhaps even trusting only in our limited abilities. Listen God will never let you down. God is not limited. Expect that life can only be enhanced when you stick to the creator of all things. There is no other source. God is the only help there is, and the only help you need.

Psalm 106:19-29

19 The people made a calf at Mount Sinai;
they bowed before an image made of gold.
20 They traded their glorious God
for a statue of a grass-eating bull.
21 They forgot God, their savior,
who had done such great things in Egypt—
22 such wonderful things in the land of Ham,
such awesome deeds at the Red Sea.
23 So he declared he would destroy them.
But Moses, his chosen one, stepped between the Lord and the people.
He begged him to turn from his anger and not destroy them.
24 The people refused to enter the pleasant land,
for they wouldn’t believe his promise to care for them.
25 Instead, they grumbled in their tents
and refused to obey the Lord.
26 Therefore, he solemnly swore
that he would kill them in the wilderness,
27 that he would scatter their descendants among the nations,
exiling them to distant lands.
28 Then our ancestors joined in the worship of Baal at Peor;
they even ate sacrifices offered to the dead!
29 They angered the Lord with all these things,
so a plague broke out among them. NLT


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