PODCAST: “Christmas in July- Series Bow 4”

PODCAST: “Christmas in July- Series Bow 4”

Christmas from the Garden of Eden to today
Part 1


Julius 1- Bishop of Rome 325 A.D., who wrongly declared December 25th to be Christ’s birthday. In addition, He began the practice of the church superimposing Christian festivals upon pagan mid-winter festivals.

*Constantine/St. Gregory and other leaders and Popes helped to mix pagan customs into a man-made Christian celebration.
QUOTE – “Saint Gregory (Pope Gregory I) – Was asked by St. Augustine on how to convert the Ancient Druids to Christianity. Pope Gregory advised: ‘To accommodate the ceremonies of the Christian Churches, as much has possible to those of the heathen,” thereby furthering the church’s use of supplanting pagan mid-winter festivals into the now official Roman religion.’”

Pope Gregory I

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