PODCAST: “The Spirit in Christmas 2”

PODCAST: “The Spirit in Christmas 2”

In this 13 minute podcast we explore many
of the pagan gods connected to Christmas.
(Read & listen)
We take you all all the way back to
Genesis chapter 10. These pagan gods almost
without exception were worshipped on December

The history of the pagan customs is as follows
Statement- Most of the following religions have both a birth & resurrection celebration.
1. Saturnalia – Saturn the God of the Sun/God of Agriculture/Winter Solstice/Longest Night/The Birthday of the Unconquered Sun(December 25) 1000 years B.C.
2. Mithra – Persian god of light who drove away the darkness during mid winter festivals. Mithraism became an official religion in Rome & was also celebrated December 25th. He was the god of the unconquerable sun. The god between heaven and earth. His birth symbolized the end of the long nights and the return to the dominance of the sun. During his celebration all laws were suspended. Courts were closed Homosexuality, cross-dressing, drunkenness, and even children were involved in these mass orgies. All of this was culminated with gift giving on Dec. 25th to celebrate the birth of the sun-god.
3. Odin-Wooden – Norse god who flew the winter skies on an 8 footed horse. He brought rewards and punishments to the people of Europe. One of the stories leading to Satan Claus (Teutonic tribes/ December 25th.)
4. Horus- He was a chief Egyptian God. He was birth was celebrated on December 25th.
5. Krishna- He was worshipped in India, and his birth is celebrated as December 25th.
6. Dionysus/Bacchus- He is a Greco-Roman god who’s birth is celebrated on December 25th.
7. Egyptian god Osiris was born on December 25th.

There were many versions of the virgin birth stolen from Genesis 3:15. The Madonna & child perversion
Genesis 3:15
15 And I will put enmity
 between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”
1. Simiramis & Nimrod/Tammuz
2. Astoreth/Astarte & Molech/Baal in Canaan
3. Shing Moo, the holy mother in China (halo on head)
4. Ceres, the great mother of Greece
5. Aphrodite & Adonis in Greece
6. Cybele & Deonius in Asia
7. Fortuna & Jupiter in Rome
8. Devaki & Krishna in India, or as they are known & worshipped today, Isi & Iswara
9. Isis & Osiris or Horus in Egypt seated on mother’s lap
10. Disa in Scandinavia was pictured with her child
11. Hertha in ancient Germany held her child in her arms
12. Perseus & Hurcules, Greek gods of virgin birth
13. Zoroaster, Persian god of virgin birth



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