PODCAST: “The Spirit in Christmas 3”

PODCAST: “The Spirit in Christmas 3”

In this podcast we explore the real origin
of Christmas. Nimrod from Genesis 10 is
exposed in detail. Nimrod’s mother Simiramis,
stole the popular virgin birth story from
Genesis 3:15. Simiramis established herself as
the mother goddess and eventually became Mother
Nature. Her name Ishtar is also where we get the
term Easter from. We also take a look at the
familiar symbols connected to the worship of
ancient pagan gods connected to Christmas.

The practices associated with Mythra/Saturnalia
1. Tree – They dressed up trees and made sacrifices and had orgies. Child sacrifices during this celebration were also made to the god Thor by the Druids. Egyptians had some of the same practices using palm trees.
2. Ornaments – Trees had fairies that later became angels, candles that became lights, apples wrapped with colored paper that later became colored balls, horns and bells to scare off evil spirits.
3. Yule Log – The Yuletide Celebration representing the Winter Solstice. The Yule Log when burned was for the purpose of celebrating the sun’s rebirth, also called “Light of the World.” Norse God- Animals and people were offered as sacrifices during the 12 days of Christmas. The large log would remain burning the entire 12 days. Lights in the window meant you were participating in Yule. Lights on your house come from this tradition.
4. Holly – The ancient druids believed the plant had magical powers just because it bore fruit in winter. Druids believed that fairies that lived in holly trees would come indoors during winter to allow their spirits to escape hardship. Later this represented the crown of thorns.
5. Mistletoe – Druid priests believed it was magical (history).
6. Gingerbread – Used as substitutes for child sacrifice.

Gingerbread Man


Yule Log

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