THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “All Pity Parties Have Been Cancelled”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “All Pity Parties Have Been Cancelled”

All pity parties have been cancelled. This notice is being sent to you because you may not be aware that your bad day has been cancelled. Your Father in Heaven asked me to send you the following notice.

You are special. You may not realize it at the moment because things are not as they should be. Angels, however, have been dispatched on your behalf to begin the process of fixing the messes in your life. Even the messes created by you are being rectified as you are reading this notice. Over 2,000 years ago God sent His prophesied Son to pay your debts as it was eternally clear that you would be unable to resolve your own issues. God also wants you to know He knew the debt you owe would be revolving. He, therefore, sent His son to pay an amount to cover all future debts incurred. That balloon payment was the life of God’s Son Jesus.

Your only responsibility today is to know your issues are being handled and give thanks. Satan may possibly send you some notices that things are not being taken care of. Please do your best to ignore said notices as they are not coming from the throne room. Our hope here in the main office is you will start each day knowing this notice is company policy, and cannot and will not be changed.


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