THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Surrounded by Holiday Pagans”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Surrounded by Holiday Pagans”

I’m not going to bother folks throughout your little holiday. A few days ago I was looking for green bulbs to honor our veterans. Someone suggested I go into the seasonal section of the store. I thought I was looking for an isle that might have a few small green Christmas bulbs. The entire Lawn & Garden section was isle after isle of lights, bulbs, wreaths, Santa, elves, wrapping paper, and more. Now for the average person they would feel like they had hit the jackpot. All the green bulbs you need and an endless supply of Christmas decorations all in one place. My experience was different. I stood in the middle of the L&G naming each pagan god associated with the items I saw. I quoted the Bible verses that supported God’s warning about ornaments, Christmas trees and such. I felt so grieved not because unbelievers would come and purchase these items, but that believers would. There was a time Christmas was against the law because Christians knew Jesus wasn’t born December 25th. Christians knew that Mythra and Saturnalia among other pagan gods were said to have been born on December 25th, and the pagan worship rituals associated with the day. I left with a heavy heart knowing so many will find ways to justify ignoring the truth even if they hear it, read it, or go look up all I’ve just said. They’ll sing songs like the 12 days of Christmas which leads to human sacrifice. Human sacrifice of over 2,000 infants that pagans will do on December 25, 2015. They will pass out gifts from under the tree saying it symbolizes gift giving with Jesus. Jesus was around 2 years old when the magicians not kings found him in the house (Matthew 2:11). The nativity scene you put up every year never happened. Read the Bible PLEASE. The gifts were the tools of the magicians incantations. The magicians converted folks after meeting Jesus. Anyway, gifts under the tree is a pagan idea. Nero and others Roman any Greek emperors put gifts under the tree as a gift to Pagan deities. There’s so much more I could say. My series “Christmas in July” will walk you through some jaw dropping information. Details that will cover almost every crevice of this subject so as to remove any doubt. I know what your waiting for. So for just the low, low price of FREE go to my website before it’s no longer free and be brave.
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  1. Lorenzo

    November 29th, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    MAN! I thought I was the only one in the Christian community that took the time to find out the truth about this pagan holiday we call Christmas. My only question to you is why soooo many ministers still teach and practice this phony holiday and call it religious. Any theologian knows Jesus Christ was not born on Dec. 25! Any many ministers are celebrating this holiday who have PhD’s in theology! Now go and figure that out! Crazy….

  2. November 30th, 2015 at 11:14 am

    You are absolutely right. It doesn’t take much study to find the truth. The church is getting weal from these pleasures and that’s why other compromises are slipping in so easily. Thanks for your comments.

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