THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: The Path of Many Pleasures”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: The Path of Many Pleasures”

Psalm 16:11: “You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy;In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

The scripture above is saying several wonderful things we should always remember. Many times we may think we are walking blindly through life. We have no clue what the next step should be. When we, however, practice God’s presence He will reveal direction to us. Sometimes you may not even realize that you were on the correct path the entire time. God just simply will not leave you on your own without direction. Let’s pause for a second and look at something specific. You know that dream deep down inside you? The one that for some time, perhaps for a long time just won’t go away? I think you better send up a few prayers because, no matter how big it may seem, it very well could be God’s path for your life.

There is a vast difference between joy and other forms of — let’s just say feeling good. Happiness for instance is based on the fact something has happened. Joy’s origin is different because it is the result of and action performed by God.  Joy is not necessarily going to be the result of some pleasant event that occurred. Joy in fact can be imparted by God right in the heart of your worst circumstance. Joy is the result of being in God’s presence as the scripture says . So do you want to feel good all the time? Even when something not so pleasant happens do you want to be able to have a divine way of doing what  alcoholics and drug addicts try to do in the natural to cope? God has the perfect coping mechanism that always works. I wish I didn’t understand how far reaching His joy can be, but He can release it into your heart when the choice is joy or insanity.  Well when you walk close to God getting into His presence is a short journey although it can still insvolve a fight with the enemy. It’s a lot like the “Human Torch” in the Fantastic Four, anytime you wish “flame on.” Let me tell you something very special. God’s joy is His love flowing through you. Jesus died and came back to life so that joy could be infused into you. No other faith can begin to comprehend what I’m telling you.

The verse ends saying that in the Lord’s right hand there are pleasures forever. I’m so baffled by people that fight against the blessings of God. I think they are trying to fight against greed.  If you start talking about confessing God’s Word specifically for the things He says are in His hand, they go nuts.  I call it the poor is holy syndrome.  Then they complain about a lack of money to get something done to help others or themselves. I just don’t get it when God said so many things like taking pleasure in our prosperity (Luke 12:32, Psalm 84:11). I don’t mean to be harsh but if you ever are engulfed in that level of God’s love I’m trying to describe your not greedy or whatever else that those that don’t want what’s in God’s hand say. The first thing those of us who prosper want to do is share God’s blessing with others. I’ve heard people just ridicule a Christian man for having the best airplane money could buy. The man has given away 22 airplanes. He spends money to have perfectly good planes gone over to make sure they are perfect. Sometimes he will go without for a moment as God tells him to give an airplane away and to whom to give it.  This is God’s way of teaching us there’s so much more in His hand (Luke 6:38).

The core of the verse is that all roads lead to God. Also in God you will find divine joy that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. As a result of that intimacy with God His endless gifts are yours for the asking. Much Luv!




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