February is Black History Month. A month seems hardly enough to honor great Black heroes that shaped our world. For just a few years in the early 1600s, Black people lived without some level of oppression. Everything Black people have ever accomplished since that time was done in a world that resisted their advancement. To this day, a Black man has to be twice as good to even get a deserved opportunity. While on the radio show we are looking into the past, every Black person has a story. A time when you knew you couldn’t speak up (when played Black by a coworker) or you would lose your job; suffered the pain of a loved one brutalized or killed by police because they looked like a suspect; endured racial insults by a boss on the job because you had mouths to feed; you were followed in a store like you were a crime waiting to happen; the breathtaking fear you felt being pulled over for a simple traffic violation; enduring white people, whom you may view as friends, never understanding how different your world can be. Often they act as if all of the above never happens to you and those you love. When I’m riding with my wife and an older Black lady is driving super slow, I can get impatient. My wife always says to me, “Leave Momma alone–she paved the way for us. You don’t know what Momma had to endure just so you can ride on this road today. You leave Momma alone.” There are heroic things–large and small–that make this month a celebration for every Black person. Some of you may not even realize it is Jesus that made you the most tolerant, forgiving, and enduring people the Lord has on this planet. After all we’ve been through, we are still here. I wake up everyday so very proud to be one of you. Much Luv!

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  1. Patrick

    February 21st, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    Isaiah 45:7. I Form light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I, the Lord do all these things.

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