THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Peace in the Pain”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Peace in the Pain”

Sometimes you just want to run away and hide. The pain gets so great you would give anything just to disengage from the trail. Remember that no matter how deep the anguish gets you are not alone. The sun will shine again. Start rehearsing telling how you survived perhaps the greatest challenge in your life. No matter how it looks you get to win just like you always have. This trial if you stick with Jesus won’t take you out, but rather it will take you up. Much Luv!

Oh! I should have said that I know this cause this storm I’m in is going to pass. I know it will because I’m commanding it to do so. I love knowing I get to win. My Dad is the King of the Universe.

Psalm 55:1-7
Give ear to my prayer, O God; And do not hide Yourself from my supplication. Give heed to me and answer me; I am restless in my complaint and am surely distracted, Because of the voice of the enemy, Because of the pressure of the wicked; For they bring down trouble upon me And in anger they bear a grudge against me. My heart is in anguish within me, And the terrors of death have fallen upon me. Fear and trembling come upon me, And horror has overwhelmed me. I said, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. “Behold, I would wander far away, I would lodge in the wilderness. Selah.

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