THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “My Queries Concerning the Refugees”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “My Queries Concerning the Refugees”

I cannot begin to imagine what life must be like for these (refugees) precious people. They are afraid, desperate, and many other things I don’t have the capacity to understand. The long journey still has them about 1,000 miles from our border. I have no idea how long it takes for women and children to walk 1,000 miles, but assume it may be a few months before they get to us. What makes thousands of people pick up the little they have and head off into uncertainty? What is the thing so horrible where they lived that they would undertake such a journey with infants and other younglings? I remember while preaching in Africa that women became so hungry, so desperate that they fell into cannibalism. It would be so easy with my full belly to judge them for the murdering and eating of innocent children. It would be so easy to judge the refugees heading our way by using my paradigm of values around home and family. What is it beyond my limited understanding that drives these folks to walk away from the only life they’ve ever known?

Seriously, why would you move in the direction of a culture you know you don’t fit into? There may be serious language barriers, job qualifications, and a host of immigration issues that might send you right back to where you came from. The entire world is aware that we still have hundreds of kids separated from their parents. Why would you put your family at risk of being broken apart? Again, what is behind you so terrifying that all these risks are better than your remaining where you were?

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