THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story”

As archeology was becoming a real science wonderful declarations were being made about the superior intelligence of the early Egyptians (Mizraim- Gen. 10:6). Math, architecture, science, and much more were being attributed to this advanced society. Archeologists also discovered these people were the same Black people that they were now enslaving. What were they going to do about this new revelation? The people they were stealing from their homes and calling savages descended from the same people they were saying were the most intelligent race that had ever lived. If memory serves the meeting they held was in Austria where they decided to simply lie. They made the Egyptians White and have tried to keep them White. The result is the Black man has continued to be viewed as deserving of no better treatment than cattle in the minds of many. This has resulted in lynchings, policeman brutality, and the lack of opportunities in post slavery era. Each time without fail when I’ve attempted to set the record straight someone White will use the old saying, “why are you trying to stir up trouble.” The truth isn’t troubled. It’s the long standing lies that keep giving White privilege it’s demonic foothold. If we can “Right the Story” we can, I believe, find a way to view each other as the same in the eyes of God. 

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