THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Right the Story: Jesus”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Right the Story: Jesus”

“Right the Story: Jesus”

It’s overdue for this image to be destroyed. This false image is Cesare Borgia. He was Pope Alexander IV illegitimate son. He was an evil man that for centuries has had his image falsely used as our savior. For those who say it doesn’t matter, I say it sure mattered to those who purposely removed Jesus’ Black identity. Jesus looked nothing like this image (Rev. 1:14-15), but this image has been used to enslave, colonize, kill, steal, rape, and a host of other atrocities. It is because they believed this White Jesus was on their side alone. Over 20 million Africans were killed by those claiming this image to be the savior. Anyone looking any different than this image was believed to be a savage through a process of dehumanization. Most White people during this period believed these savages had no chance of knowing Him because Black people did not have souls. As a result White people believed only they possessed the ability to receive salvation. It’s high time to “Right the Story.”


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