THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Son of Who: Cushi?” (Zephaniah 1:1 Cushi = Cushite)

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Son of Who: Cushi?” (Zephaniah 1:1 Cushi = Cushite)

So many Black people reject the Bible as “The White Man’s Gospel.” Just knowing a few words makes Black people jump off the pages of the Bible. Sadly, some Black folks are rejecting what represents their history. There are multiplied thousands of Black individuals in scripture. Finding Black folks in scripture is so liberating. When God Himself uses Black skin to define beauty I think we should listen (Isaiah 18:1-2). In Isaiah 18 God says the people of Ethiopia/Cush are a smooth skinned (Hebrew Marats). Marats: means skin that is polished to perfect without blemish. This isn’t the only place the beauty of black skin is expressed, but when you don’t know what you are looking for, or you reject the Bible on its face because the truth got perverted that’s when deception is successful. Black people shouldn’t walk away from what was theirs first. Jesus died and rose again for all of mankind. Not accepting His sacrifice because colonizers made this Black man White makes them win anyway. In other words reject the White lie, but embrace the beautiful color of the truth the Bible offers. Much Luv!

The word Cushi or Kushi (Hebrew: ×›Ö¼×•Ö¼×©Ö´××™ Hebrew pronunciation: [kuˈʃi] kuÅ¡i) is generally used in the Hebrew Bible to refer to a dark-skinned person of African descent, equivalent to Greek Αἰθίοψ “Aithíops”.


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