THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE:”U.S. Murder Rate vs. Blue Murder”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE:”U.S. Murder Rate vs. Blue Murder”

Recently gave a report of police violence in 2019. The report revealed the rate of unarmed Black person killed by police in various cities in comparison to the murder rate in the United States.

UNARMED BLACK PERSON KILLED IN U.S. CITIES . 1. Reno- 10x higher than the U.S. murder rate 2. Oklahoma City- 10x higher than the U.S. murder rate 3. Santa Ana- 9x higher than the U.S. murder rate 4. Anaheim- 8x higher than the U.S. murder rate 5. St. Louis- 8x higher than the U.S. murder rate 6. Scottsdale- 7x higher than the U.S. murder rate 7.Hialeah- 5.5x higher than the U.S. murder rate 8. Madison- 5x higher than the U.S. murder rate

A Black person is 3x more likely to be killed by police (per 1 million) than a White person. An unarmed Black person is 1.3x more likely to be killed by police than a White person. The level of violent crimes in the U.S. does not determine rates of police violence. In other words, these are not police officers defending themselves or someone else. This is police officers simply killing at a higher rate than the violence they face. A staggering 99% of officers killing unarmed Black people have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime from 2013 – 2019. Jaw dropping is that a whopping 1 in 6 Black are killed by police. In some cases these murders occurred at the end of a foot chase. Police killings after a foot chase dates back to slave patrols. Niggers are not allowed to run. You will be caught and made an example of.

GEORGE FLOYD The officer that killed George Floyd had been accused of misconduct 17x-18x, but still continued to wear the uniform. He escalated enough to be bold enough to take a Black life. Had he been dealt with sooner George Floyd might still be alive.

White people, especially White women, are known for attempting to weaponize the police force. Tim Wise says, “There White comfort means more to them than Black life.”

Permit Patty, called the police on an 8 year old Black girl for selling bottled water. The little girl was simply trying to raise money for Disney World. Instead of her efforts being applauded she had to endure the trauma of trying to succeed while Black. BBQ Becky, called the cops on Black folk just trying to legally use a grill in a park. Although they were in the right she did all she could to exercise her perceived White privilege. Cornerstone Caroline, accused a child of trying to cop a feel on her butt. Even with video evidence showing the very young boy had done nothing wrong, it was his backpack on her backside. Cornerstone Caroline still wanted to press charges. Sarah Braasch, saw a Black person napping in Yale’s dorm and called police assuming the Black woman was not a Yale student. Before that a Black man got on the elevator and went to what Sarah considered to be the wrong floor which was her floor. She called the police on him. Both of these Black individuals were Yale students. I guess Black people don’t go to Yale. She called the police on 2 Black people even though her doctoral work had to do with the need for more diversity in our society. Amy Cooper, actress of the year. She called the police on a Black man who was bird watching. She told the man how much trouble he would get in if she called the cops on him. She went into a full blown acting session while on the phone with police. She expressed fear and attempted to make it sound as though she was afraid of the Black man. Fortunately all of her actions backfired on her. Without consequences these games will continue.

NEW YORK New York has had enough of most of what you have read above. They have proposed some changes to the laws that thrill me to no end.

  1. A reversal of the state position on revealing police discipline records.
  2. All New York State police must wear body cams.
  3. The criminalization of false race based 911 calls.

There’s a need for change in thinking, and in laws in the U.S. that can’t come soon enough. Lives are truly at stake as we attempt to reduce blue murder. We all must use every voice we have access to to bring awareness to the problem and provide the kinds of solutions New York is proposing.

George Floyd’s Casket

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