THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Donald Trump: Law & Order Code”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Donald Trump: Law & Order Code”

The phrase Law & Order is a (Black) code. In Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1970 he coined the phrase Law & Order. Law & Order was a racist statement to the southern voter Nixon wanted to secure. Nixon was telling the White voter I’ll keep the niggers in their place. Several civil rights laws (1964 & 1965) giving Black people the right to vote and equality had passed recently. These events stoked White fear. Nixon was assuring White folks, I’ll lock these niggers up before I let them continue to take what’s yours. He kept his promise in that the prison population exploded under Nixon when decades before the prison population had remained virtually the same. Angela Davis said, “This was the beginning of when crime begins to stands for race.” 

Trump is doing the same thing calling himself the Law & Order President which is (Black) code to White people. He’s saying, I don’t care how much they protest, I side with you and not the niggers. I’m sure every time I’ve said nigger you had some kind of reaction. You see code words replace the word nigger. Let’s let the creator of such words campaign manager Lee Atwater explain why such phrases were used and still work. 

Donald Trump, who ran right after a Black president was elected, is simply coding again. Last time his code was “Make America Great Again.” What does AGAIN mean? How is MAGA a code? When most White people are asked when America was greatest the majority will say the 1950s. The middle class is developed, the tv show “Leave it to Beaver” modeled the typical american dream White family, and Black people had no rights, or say in the country. Aware of this perception all Trump had to do was fuel White fear. The Mexicans are coming to rape and kill you. The Muslim Obama was just the beginning of the Black takover. You better put me in crotch grabber and all or these niggers will take over. Black progress has created White fear since the end of slavery. Every election has been about race. Black progress during Reconstruction is what gave birth to the KKK. Ida B. Wells said lynchings were occurring because of Black men that dared start their own businesses. Trump was in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Prior to going he told several lies to his base. He said Kenosha would’ve been burned down (fear) if he hadn’t called out the National Guard. He didn’t call out the NG the governor of Wisconsin called them into service. Trump is lying about a plane full of anarchists on their way to destroy American cities. I didn’t get how gullible people are until I remembered that fear has brewed for years just waiting for a madman to wake it up. Hitler, Mussolini, and others have done this effectively and Trump’s a disciple of several evil dictators. I won’t be the least bit shocked if Trump is realected, because our country is just that sin sick with hate. I don’t believe we will ever be the same nation if he gets a fresh 4 years. If this revival of the Nixon nigger code works we are doomed. We will have neither law or order. 

Donald J. Trump
Richard Milhous Nixon
Lee Atwater

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