THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “My Christmas Journey”

THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “My Christmas Journey”

In a world where people wish above many things to be loved it doesn’t make since to be so controversial. In 1998 I made a discovery that blew my mind. The more I dug deep into the history of Christmas I found myself making the same arguments I hear so often. That was then and this is now. Even though these pagan practices were brought into the church all that remains is the names. The worship of pagan gods from thousands of years ago is long gone. 

As I continued digging I found pagans currently practicing these old religions often under the same ancient names. They were laughing at the church stating how easy it is to know the truth, but we are ignorant sheep. Other religions say we aren’t serious about our faith because of mixing pagan faiths with ours. I’ve had Christmas thrown in my face as an evangelist when dealing with other religions. When I take Christmas out of their arsenal things go to another and better place. Cause they kill your influence right from the beginning when you cannot defend participating in pagan practices. Oh! If there’s and audience they have just ensured nobody else listens to you either. They may be worshiping the wrong gods, but you better believe they are committed to being true disciples of the doctrines they have been taught. 

Ok back to the story. There was no way to ignore that these false gods were still receiving the very worship scripture told me not to practice. What was I going to do? People don’t want to hear this trite. What do I tell my kids? They already don’t have Halloween and now at school they won’t have this either. This meant standing out. Not exchanging gifts and more. What’s my wife going to say? Is my family going to fall apart because I can’t ignore what I cannot stop researching? By this time I had books, a completely filled 3” binder filled with information, and a flash drive stuffed with all kinds of documents. I even had FBI documents that fell in my lap showing patterns of human sacrifice around the holidays. Fell into my lap means even when I wasn’t looking on purpose info about Christmas’ pagan connections would find me. Talk about a wrestling match with self. What about my congregation will they leave the church? I started with my wife and then my children and presented every bit of what I had found. I traced the pagan worship proving the modern connections. I told them about the untold number of people that would go to the Arizona desert for pagan worship services and the children that would be there. I proved the only thing Christmas had to do with Jesus is that they put my Lord’s name on that filth. Once they heard the truth I didn’t need to tell them what we should do, because for them Christmas was over. When people would ask, “What about the kids? I don’t want to take anything from my kids?” The truth is more important than keeping a lie going. My kids never knew what I might come home with just cause. I went so big on birthdays that it didn’t matter because they still got their celebrations. I wasn’t trying to replace anything I just like doin stuff big. Things went fine in church and with my larger family. Some in my fam I believe thought I was nuts. Some wanted to hold onto traditions. For me it’s not personal. My job was to tell what I found in scripture and through scholarly sources. 

For a long time I felt alone and then I found a book “Two Babylon’s.” It was almost line for line what I had found and been teaching. Then others began to be revealed to me witnessing to me that I got it right. I believe God hid them from me so I would learn to trust Him and myself. I’ve dealt with all kinds of ridicule for going against the grain. I have been told I hate God. I don’t respect Jesus because I don’t celebrate His birth, which I actually celebrate daily. I’ve had people in the midst of a new crowed go back to practicing Christmas. I even got a Christmas card last year from one of my spiritual sons. Honestly, that one broke my heart. However, regardless of the cost and the suffering I know I’m being obedient. 

Ezekiel, has always been my source of encouragement. He tried to stop God’s people from practicing the exact same holidays and boy did it get ugly for him. 

In the last 22 years I’ve collected so much information on Christmas. I welcome people challenging me about the subject. I in fact hope for it and applaud the people who question me. The answer to their query might be the very thing that opens their eyes. The part of the “Christmas in July” series that’s on the air right now is “The Spirit in Christmas.” I believe the devil wants any praise he can get. If people give it to him ignorantly in a song, decoration, or pagan name like Yule etc., he’ll take it cause he knows he has insulted God. He’s only had Christmas as a federal holiday in this country since 1870. From 300AD till 1870 Christmas wasn’t legal in many places. It’s not been around in mass but about 150 years. It’s not to late to take it back off the table. I hope the numbers of those who reject it grows. Much Luv!

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