A series like this one conjures all kinds of feelings. It all seems controversial till you start hearing the evidence. I’m teaching on the origins of this holiday. You have to hear the series before commenting on some small portion you assume covers the entire topic. Then you are faced with a choice to ignore what you hear, don’t listen at all, or embrace the truth and change. Your family will think your crazy, but your Lord will be pleased. Today @ 4:45P I will give you another strong historical piece as to why Christmas is not about celebrating the birth of Jesus but we have trees, wreaths, lights, logs, mistletoe, gift giving, Santa, fireplaces, and the like all wrapped up in the celebration. It is because this holiday that existed thousands of years before Jesus was ever born ended up with his name on this filth. I have the quote from the Pope that told his folks to mix the pagan holidays into a Christian celebration. I, however, take the time to explain the origin of all those objects mentioned above. This study is thoroughly done. The reason that was then and this is now won’t work is because these practices under the same names are not only still being practiced, but are growing in popularity. The Bible tells us to learn not the way of the heathen (Jeremiah 10:2). Well we’ve got this one down and dirty. Israel did the same thing and paid a price for doing so. Last thing to remember is Christmas did not become a federal holiday in this country till 1870. This madness has really not been going on that long here. So let me help you, on this topic, become the smartest person in the room. 

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