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    Thoughts From Jackie: “Making You the Smartest Person in the Room: The Meaning of the Resurrection“

    04 Apr 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    I’m trying to be good here and keep some of my knowledge to myself today. I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus daily not according to the stars.  There were 4 major beatings Jesus went through before He died. I may post my teaching on this later today. Beatings 2&3 are the most vicious beating anyone has ever received from other humans (Isaiah 52:14). What’s most significant is beating #4 (Matthew 27:45-46). This is God’s judgement/wrath being poured out for every...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Black Europeans”

    17 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    I try but just can’t get over how prevalent Black folks are in European history. The effort to bury their presence & contributions required not just leaving them out of the story, but a steady diet of lying. Moving out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance in music, dress, travel, art, architecture, science, and so much more was birthed by Black minds and shared across Europe. 

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Royalty Means Nothing If the Skin Is Black”

    17 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “William Sessarakoo, an African prince sold into slavery in the 1700s. Image copyright National Portrait Gallery. William Ansah Sessarakoo by John Faber Jr Mid 18th century. © National Portrait Gallery, London. NPG D9199 A 2016 display at the Museum of London Docklands, The Royal African, featured the life of William Ansah Sessarakoo, a man from west Africa who arrived in London society in 1749. Sessarakoo was a member of the most important ‘ruling’ family living on the coast at Anomabu,...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Saint Maurice & Rome”

    15 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “Saint Maurice was the leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion in the 3rd century, and one of the favorite and most widely venerated saints of that group. He was the patron saint of several professions, locales, and kingdoms.” Wikipedia

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Rome”

    15 Mar 2021 in Uncategorized

    If this is Rome’s beginning what does that tell you? I can do this all day. I’ve heard good-hearted people say the truth will help us move the dial towards equality just a bit further. I’m going to keep sharing little known information until together we grab that sucker and yank it to where it ought to be. I’m not leaving this racial mess like I found it. Anybody up for some HARMONY?

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Miriam Turned White”

    08 Mar 2021 in Uncategorized

    JJM  I am amazed and disturbed by the so called scholars that interpret the verses below through a flawed modern lens. Miriam was not upset because Moses married a Black women, but rather a person from another group, tribe, ethnos (culture). Let me explain why so people can start shifting their thinking. Miriam could not possibly be referring to skin color because she was a person of color. Get Hollywood out of your head and let the text speak. If...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “I Am Proud To Be One of You”

    03 Feb 2021 in Uncategorized

    February is Black History Month. A month seems hardly enough to honor great Black heroes that shaped our world. For just a few years in the early 1600s, Black people lived without some level of oppression. Everything Black people have ever accomplished since that time was done in a world that resisted their advancement. To this day, a Black man has to be twice as good to even get a deserved opportunity. While on the radio show we are looking...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice”

    22 Jan 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “Righting the Story” You know I can do this all day long. I can tell stories like the one below all day long. While Bridgerton is a made up story the theme isn’t that far from the truth. I can prove in scripture that although a blonde blue-eyed woman is supposed to be today’s standard, that was not the case in the Bible. The Ethiopian, Shebite, Medianite, Hittite, & other blacker the berry sweeter the juice Black women were the...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Trump Prophecies”

    21 Jan 2021 in Uncategorized

    Jackie Jackson Ministries Ok so now what? You were wrong now please discover why. Like many of you evangelicals, my shelves are filled with books, VHS, DVD, CDs & cassettes of admired leaders. I quoted their words over pulpits. I’ve given credit in articles I wrote for magazines and mentioned them on my own radio show. For 4 years these men and women of God turned into people I don’t recognize and no longer trust. The current back peddling and...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “My Christmas Journey”

    30 Nov 2020 in Uncategorized

    In a world where people wish above many things to be loved it doesn’t make since to be so controversial. In 1998 I made a discovery that blew my mind. The more I dug deep into the history of Christmas I found myself making the same arguments I hear so often. That was then and this is now. Even though these pagan practices were brought into the church all that remains is the names. The worship of pagan gods from...