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    JJM RADIO SHOW’s 9th

    13 Jan 2022 in Uncategorized

    JJM RADIO SHOWYou know at first I was going to simply mention that the Lord has given me 9 years on the radio and be done. I previously posted a 9 year anniversary post. I’ve decided to celebrate a bit more. Cause it’s been 9 years of study, quoting, working from memory with and without my own written notes, praying hard, and then praying some more. I’ve researched secular things and then made them palatable for you from a biblical...


    20 Jul 2021 in Uncategorized

    What do we do with the truth once we know the truth? We simply need to start asking what all these things we do at Christmas time mean. All I did was ask this question and I couldn’t believe Jesus’ name got attached to this pagan filth. As I said before that the only thing Christmas has to do with Jesus is they put His name on this filth. The hearth is the fireplace in a home. Actually the stone,...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Christmas in July: If Kids Only Knew”

    12 Jul 2021 in Uncategorized

    If kids only knew who they were really dealing with they might not care what’s under the tree. Many parents use the excuse that they don’t want to take anything from their kids. Especially since other kids will get gifts. I told my children the truth. I didn’t scare them, but before I told my congregation I told my kids the origins of Christmas. Whenever another child or adult would ask them why they didn’t participate, they were locked and...


    08 Jul 2021 in Uncategorized

    A series like this one conjures all kinds of feelings. It all seems controversial till you start hearing the evidence. I’m teaching on the origins of this holiday. You have to hear the series before commenting on some small portion you assume covers the entire topic. Then you are faced with a choice to ignore what you hear, don’t listen at all, or embrace the truth and change. Your family will think your crazy, but your Lord will be pleased. Today...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Christmas in July “

    02 Jul 2021 in Uncategorized

    “Christmas in July” I’ve been asked before why I would produce a series like this in July. The time of the series is nowhere near the actual Christmas season so what gives? The mistaken expectation is that “Christmas in July” is about refocusing the real meaning of the holiday. The perception is that I will say Christmas has become to commercialized and needs to regain its spiritual roots. None of this is true. I want to do this at a...

    Thoughts From Jackie: “Making You the Smartest Person in the Room: The Meaning of the Resurrection“

    04 Apr 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    I’m trying to be good here and keep some of my knowledge to myself today. I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus daily not according to the stars.  There were 4 major beatings Jesus went through before He died. I may post my teaching on this later today. Beatings 2&3 are the most vicious beating anyone has ever received from other humans (Isaiah 52:14). What’s most significant is beating #4 (Matthew 27:45-46). This is God’s judgement/wrath being poured out for every...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Black Europeans”

    17 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    I try but just can’t get over how prevalent Black folks are in European history. The effort to bury their presence & contributions required not just leaving them out of the story, but a steady diet of lying. Moving out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance in music, dress, travel, art, architecture, science, and so much more was birthed by Black minds and shared across Europe. 

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Royalty Means Nothing If the Skin Is Black”

    17 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “William Sessarakoo, an African prince sold into slavery in the 1700s. Image copyright National Portrait Gallery. William Ansah Sessarakoo by John Faber Jr Mid 18th century. © National Portrait Gallery, London. NPG D9199 A 2016 display at the Museum of London Docklands, The Royal African, featured the life of William Ansah Sessarakoo, a man from west Africa who arrived in London society in 1749. Sessarakoo was a member of the most important ‘ruling’ family living on the coast at Anomabu,...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Saint Maurice & Rome”

    15 Mar 2021 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “Saint Maurice was the leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion in the 3rd century, and one of the favorite and most widely venerated saints of that group. He was the patron saint of several professions, locales, and kingdoms.” Wikipedia

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Rome”

    15 Mar 2021 in Uncategorized

    If this is Rome’s beginning what does that tell you? I can do this all day. I’ve heard good-hearted people say the truth will help us move the dial towards equality just a bit further. I’m going to keep sharing little known information until together we grab that sucker and yank it to where it ought to be. I’m not leaving this racial mess like I found it. Anybody up for some HARMONY?