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    Thoughts From Jackie: “Righting the Story: “Abortion is a Republican Idea”

    13 Oct 2020 in Uncategorized

    The reason for this post is honesty. I’m not posting this to gender opinions for or against abortion. I’m just about tired of Republicans sounding so hypocritical concerning abortion. Republicans created and voted abortion into law. For your vote they now take the pseudo high road as if they really care about the unborn. They care about votes and if that means to kill or not kill babies so be it. I want to ensure you are hearing me so...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Columbus: Righting the Story”

    11 Oct 2020 in Uncategorized

    Columbus Day is one of the worst celebrations in which one can participate. Christopher Columbus is falsely revered for discovering America. You cannot discover a place in which people already live. Columbus died thinking he had gone to India on his journeys to America. He never believed he discovered anything. After seeing the peacefulness and inferior weapons the indigenous people had Columbus wrote his manifesto as to how he could enslave them. The Indians had a culture of trading with...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Donald Trump: Law & Order Code”

    02 Sep 2020 in Uncategorized

    The phrase Law & Order is a (Black) code. In Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1970 he coined the phrase Law & Order. Law & Order was a racist statement to the southern voter Nixon wanted to secure. Nixon was telling the White voter I’ll keep the niggers in their place. Several civil rights laws (1964 & 1965) giving Black people the right to vote and equality had passed recently. These events stoked White fear. Nixon was assuring White folks,...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Righting the Story: Good Trouble”

    11 Aug 2020 in Thoughts from Jackie

    As archeology was becoming a real science wonderful declarations were being made about the superior intelligence of the early Egyptians (Mizraim- Gen. 10:6). Math, architecture, science, and much more were being attributed to this advanced society. Archeologists also discovered these people were the same Black people that they were now enslaving. What were they going to do about this new revelation? The people they were stealing from their homes and calling savages descended from the same people they were saying...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “ Your Past Matters None”

    27 Jul 2020 in Thoughts from Jackie

    Although Rahab may have been a harlot God still used her to help His people. Although Rahab may have been a prostitute she saved her family from disaster. Although Rahab was a whore the Bible mentions her in several places, but most importantly this Canaanite (Black) woman is mentioned in Jesus’ bloodline. It doesn’t matter what your past is because God can erase your past and create a memorable future.  Joshua 2:1-4 NASB. Then Joshua the son of Nun sent...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Jesus is Coming & He’s Black”

    22 Jul 2020 in Thoughts from Jackie

    I think there will be a great falling away as White people come to know the truth about Jesus’ Black heritage. It sadly shouldn’t matter, but it will. So much has rested on the false version it will just be to much for some White folks. The more grounded a person is will determine if the Holy Spirit is allowed to rule the heart. The truth of Jesus’ Black origin can be found just studying the wonderful women in Matthew...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Right the Story: Jesus”

    15 Jul 2020 in Thoughts from Jackie

    “Right the Story: Jesus” It’s overdue for this image to be destroyed. This false image is Cesare Borgia. He was Pope Alexander IV illegitimate son. He was an evil man that for centuries has had his image falsely used as our savior. For those who say it doesn’t matter, I say it sure mattered to those who purposely removed Jesus’ Black identity. Jesus looked nothing like this image (Rev. 1:14-15), but this image has been used to enslave, colonize, kill,...

    THOUGHTS FROM JACKIE: “Son of Who: Cushi?” (Zephaniah 1:1 Cushi = Cushite)

    15 Jul 2020 in Thoughts from Jackie

    So many Black people reject the Bible as “The White Man’s Gospel.” Just knowing a few words makes Black people jump off the pages of the Bible. Sadly, some Black folks are rejecting what represents their history. There are multiplied thousands of Black individuals in scripture. Finding Black folks in scripture is so liberating. When God Himself uses Black skin to define beauty I think we should listen (Isaiah 18:1-2). In Isaiah 18 God says the people of Ethiopia/Cush are...


    14 Jul 2020 in Podcast

    This set of podcasts will enlighten you on past & present Black education. Right after slavery there was such a great hunger to learn by Black people of all ages. The glorious events of that time in history can be used as inspiration for present day. Most people have no idea Black people built over 1,000 schools, had kids functioning at reading levels which were on par with nations known for high literacy, and that Black & White Christians worked...


    10 Jul 2020 in Podcast

    Sadly, many people, mostly young, have died at the hands of those commissioned to protect them. Years of false propaganda about Black people has gendered White fear. As a result many White police officers have acted on that fear when Black individuals did not even have the means to do them any harm. These messages are designed to remember several of those Black men & women, & discuss ways of fixing this ongoing issue.