Partner with Us

Jackie Jackson Ministries is a 501c3 recognized organization. The purpose of this ministry is for religious, charitable, educational, scientific purposes and any other purpose set forth in Section 501 (c) (3). The preceding will be achieved through the following: Teaching, Preaching, Authorship, Missionary efforts (Kenya, Oglala Sioux, and the homeless), Marriage & other Seminars, Evangelism Training.

First of all let me thank you for considering becoming a part of a family of believers that is focusing on a specific mission. Partnership with this ministry means that you are committing to do very special and significant things. Jackie Jackson Ministries has two goals. The first is to get the Word of God in a variety of forms to as many people as possible. The second is to support specific missions. Through the help of partners the ministry will be able to support each area of its efforts. More importantly in situations where what we have to offer is needed but cannot be afforded, partnership will provide a way to serve at no cost. Missions is such a critical part of what we do. Understand clearly that a portion of your giving will always go to support missions. We have friends that are giving their lives to nations and right here in the United States. The least we can do is cover them in prayer and finance as the Lord provides.

Because you are family we will be praying for you and hope you will be praying for us as well.
Hope you will join us.