Seminars & Retreats

Over the years I have conducted a variety of events for churches and organizations (gangs violence, men’s retreats, revivals). These events have been accomplished both onsite and offsite. For example Evangelism trainings since 1994 are almost always done at the home base of the church or para church organization. Marriage seminars are done at various locations since I started doing those in 1998. They happen in four week sessions at the church, or at a chosen retreat facility.

A few years ago Pigeon Forge was the chosen location. My wife and I had a great time sharing. Can you imagine Christian couples talking about the covenant of sex. It was the most interactive and unique seminar I have ever done. Couples left on fire for Jesus and each other.

If you would like to schedule me to do training for you please call the scheduling line. I would absolutely love to come and be with you. 513.898.9858

Please be advised if your need involves street evangelism or gangs I need research time. If I am not familiar with your city there are certain things I need to learn before I can teach. I would therefore wish to schedule our program as far in advance as possible.